Lesson 1 - Start, manage and end a Zoom meeting

First things first, let's quickly learn how to start, manage and end a Zoom meeting.

Zoom is a bit different to making a Skype or phone call. Instead of selecting a contact and clicking the green call button, you need to start a 'meeting' and send this meeting link to the student you want to call. When your student clicks the link, they will join your meeting and you can start talking. Watch the video below and I'll show you step by step how to:

  • start a meeting
  • share a Zoom link with your student
  • use the chat feature
  • send a file
  • end a meeting

Once you've got the hang of these Zoom basics, you'll be ready to start using the other great features Zoom has to offer.

Time saving tip: Watch the video below to learn how to automatically copy the invitation URL to get your online lesson started even quicker.

Time keeping tip: Watch the video below to learn which setting will help you keep track of your lesson duration.